Mcdonalds Customer Survey $ 100 GIFT CARD

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey @ to Win $ 100 GIFT CARD

Currently, there is no one who does not want to try the chicken, hamburgers, soft drinks, milkshakes,  cheeseburgers, fries, desserts of Mc Donald’s. And, most of the heavy eaters use to prefer the Mc Donald’s, when it comes to choosing the favorite burgers.

If you are looking for Mcdvoice survey to get some free food or discount on your next visit then here I have given step by step guide for taking part in Mcdonald Survey.

I have explained each and everything about McDonald Customer Feedback survey which is also called as Mcdonald Customer Satisfaction Survey. You can take part this survey online at and win the rewards.


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Above are some common query people are searching  related to McDonald Survey But I am Damn Sure Here in this article I have included each and every single details which is enough and you don’t need to go anywhere to collect information about McDonald Survey.

So, this article explains clearly mentions the best step by step guide to complete the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey on the official site of McDonald. Here you can learn each step to complete your McDonald survey. So, have a close view of this article and complete the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey to win various exciting offers by finishing it.

So, whenever enjoy burgers, desserts, beverages, and much more at Mc Donald, make sure to give your feedback and reviews after enjoying the meal at Mc D. This will take few minutes to complete this survey through McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey @ This will avail you exciting offer’s for your next meal at McD.

McDonald’s is listed as the best fast food restaurant chain throughout the globe. And, as it grows bigger, it is essential to take reviews and feedback from the customers to check customers are satisfied or not. So, they create a customer satisfaction program which consists of some general questions and answers about their visit at McD. Check here Panda Express Feedback Survey & Rewards Information.

About McDonald’s Survey

At McDVoice (McD), Its all about customer comfort and satisfaction. And, the main objective behind the conducting MCD Survey is to extend more and more comfort & convenience to foodies.

So, McDVoice conducts a survey to get customers feedback and reviews. Which consist of essential questionnaires through which company corporate can learn and check their client’s satisfaction. It also allows the food chain to get their user’s voice to treat them in a better way.

Customers can give their feedback about the MCD services at an outlet, cleanliness, and hygiene at the place, prices of the food, staff behavior and response, food order accuracy, purchase and payments easiness, etc, etc by just answering some questions during the feedback survey.

But, do not that all these McD surveys are available only with a valid receipt not older than 7 days. However, in exchange for giving your feedback and reviews, you will be rewarded with some reward points and coupon code, which can be used on your next purchase.


Importance Of McDonald Survey

Importance Of McDonald Survey

  • Customer’s feedback leaves a strong effect and helps in improving the service of it. It helps the other customer’s and also to the company in making few changes to correcting the missing services.
  • As you know to grow any business customer satisfaction in most important factor and play much role and very must for both customers and company because if customers are happy with the products and services then they will also use or continues using the product.
  • and this is only possible when they satisfied with the service which they are using and for this now a days most of the company and stores are offering customer survey program through online and offline which will helpful for them to know about their service or products.
  • For this to getting feedback from Users McDonald Offers Customer feedback program and for this the customer who participate in survey will get rewards like, free food, discount coupons and many more depends on offers and duration.

So, if you want to participate in this customer satisfaction survey at McDVoicethen, you need to check this post very carefully. It consists of the terms and conditions of MCD, rules and basic requirements for participating in this survey.

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey – Prize, Terms & Conditions for Participating in Survey

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey – Reward Points (Discount Offers)

The McDonald’s always wanted the customer’s feedback & reviews about the services, what they experienced during the recent visit at one of their outlet.

However, In exchanges of your precious suggestions, opinions, and reviews,  McD offers you free sandwiches and many special McDonald’s meals including several other discounts on your next order.

Get bumper prize of $ 25 McD coupon codes and get a chance to win $ 100 cash rewards.

McDonald’s Survey for Customers – Rules & Regulations (Terms & Conditions)

You need to fulfill the basic requirements to take part in this crazy contest to win $ 100 cash rewards. All these terms and conditions of MCD Feedback Survey are listed below. Check out these rules and regulation and check your eligibility for participating this contest.

  1. A recent order receipt with a survey invitation on it.
    1. So, don’t throw your receipt without finishing this survey.
    2. Finish the survey within the 7 days of your visit at a McDonald’s outlet.
  2. A device with an active internet connection
    1. As this survey is available online only, you must need a gadget with an active internet connection to finish this survey.
    2. Now, open the official web online survey portal of McD Voice from this link on your device.
  3. You Must be a 15 year old or older than it
    1. To join this survey, your age must be 15 years old or older than it.
    2. Do note that foodies under age of 15 years are strictly prohibited (By Law). Because they are not much aware of the questions.
  4. Good Knowledge of English and Spanish
    1. The Survey questions are available only in two major languages – English & Spanish.
    2. So, you have to answer in either of above two languages.
  5. You can give your feedback up to a certain limitation of survey number.
    1. The company allows you to take part in only 5 surveys per month.
    2. So, even you are a regular visitor of McD, you can’t give your feedback more than 5 times per month.
  6. A receipt older than 30 days will be invalid for the Survey
    1. The company does not allow the users to join this survey with a survey invitation receipt, which is older than 30 days.
    2. So, you have to participate in the 30 days of your visit to a McDonald’s outlet.

So, to join and give your reviews in this McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, you need to follow all the rules and regulations. And, answering very honestly to the survey questions is very necessary to win the gift points and reward points.

How to Complete the McDonald’s Customer Feedback Survey

7 Steps for taking Survey at | Guide

However, to win these free gift points or reward point, you need to complete the customer feedback survey at So, if you meet the all essential criteria for this survey, please follow the step by step guide to complete your McDonalds Survey for Customers.

So, learn the steps about how to complete the survey at and get a chance to win $ 100. Just follow the procedures to learn how to submit your surveys at

  1. Always Keep the Purchase receipt with you
    1. To participate in this survey, you need to provide the receipt number of purchase in customer feedback survey.
    2. So, Don’t throw your receipt of purchase, whenever you visit a McDonald Outlet.
  2. Keep Note Down Survey code from purchase receipt slip
    1. Now, right down the Survey code from the purchase receipt slip.
  3. Open the official website for customer satisfaction survey online
    1. Now, open the official website of McDonalds Customer Online Survey site – on your gadget with an active internet connection.
    2. On this online survey site, McD hears the customers feedback and reviews about their Service at any outlet.
    3. Here you have to enter the Store # from your receipt at top right corner.
    4. Now, enter the KS # (highlighted in red).
    5. Now, select your Date of Visit and Time of Visit from the two drop-down menus.
    6. Now, you have to enter your order number in the box, that appears in the #5 number. You also have to enter your Amount Spent, including the specific amount (exactly as it appears on your receipt).
    7. Now, press the red Start when you are ready to start this survey.
  4. Now, Start your Feedback Survey with 26 digit survey code
    1. Now, enter your address, specific state and country. Then, press next.
    2. Now, to begin the feedback survey, enter the 26 digit survey code, available on your purchase receipt.
    3. Once, your feedback survey code is validated, you would be asked to answer some simple questions, on the basis of your experience and satisfaction during your last visit to an McD outlet.
    4. Now, honestly answer all these questions until the end of the survey.
    5. Here you can rate from highly satisfied to N/A.
    6. You also have to rate various stuff by its cleanliness, temperature, order accuracy, the taste of food with quality, the behavior and response from staff, etc, etc.
    7. Now, also rate for the overall price, that you had paid for your purchase.
    8. To recommend others for McD, rate it in between “highly” likely ratings to “not at all likely” rate.
    9. Now, also add your additional comment or suggestions in the box to end up this survey.

How to Enter Survey:

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey on

  • Choose Language the after you need restaurant of recently visited 
  • Mention Restaurant from which you got the receipt.
  • Enter the survey code which printed On receipt
  • Select order type carry out or Dine-in

mcdvoice 2

  • Now Enter the date and time of your visit to McDonald Restaurant
  • Write the amount which you paid at McDonald Restaurant
  • Now answer all the questions genuinely which asked in Mcdvoice Survey by questionnaire Mcdvoice.mcdvoice survey
  • Select The option based on your experience at McDonald Restaurant

  • Select the option and give the genuine answer this will help them to improve services.

  • Give your genuine feedback about restaurant quality, cleanness, food, and services based on your opinion they will improve their services. 
  • When you completed survey just click on submit button
  • By completing the survey you will receive McDonald coupon and take print of it using the printer.   
  1. Collect your validation code
    1. Once, you will complete the feedback survey at, you will receive your validation code.
    2. You can use this validation code on your next purchase at any McDonald’s Outlet and get some discount including some free sandwiches and foods.
  2. Tips to win more reward points
    1. So, if you are frequently used to visit McD, then it is advised to you that please keep note down this unique survey validation code, available at the back of your receipt.
    2. And, also always carry this receipt along with you.
  3. Use the validation code on your next visit
    1. And, do not forget to show that unique survey code to the salesperson on your next visit at any McD outlet.
    2. They will offer you some free food or will give your rewards.

McDonald’s Customer Service

It might be possible that you feel trouble while accessing on your gadget. Then, please try for a friendly version of it to avoid all those minor issues.

However, if are still needed a help, then please contact  McDonald customer service for help or send a letter to the office address.

About McDonald’s

Mc Donald (McD) was found in 1940 by the Richard and Maurice. Currently, it serves around more than 40,000 restaurants and stores throughout the globe. And, it serves more than 80 million customers every day throughout the globe, around 121 countries.

In 1955, Ray Kroc was the first man that acquired a franchise of Mc Donald (MCD), worth $ 2.7 million. And, from 1965, he started to expand this food chain throughout the globe.

Currently, it is world’s 2nd largest fast-food restaurant chain after the subway. A McDonald’s restaurant is run either by a franchise, an affiliate or the company itself. It also expands its menu including the wraps, fruit, smoothies, fish, and salads in the menu. And, being popular for Burgers, it traded about more than 4 millions of hamburgers as the primary outlet.

So, this is all about how to complete McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey @ & get a chance to Win $ 100 GIFT CARD.


See the McDonald’s Headquarters address, phone numbers and email contacts.

McDonalds Headquarters.

The Mcdonald’s is the hamburger fast food restaurant chain in the world with more than 36000 restaurants in 119 different countries. The McDonalds Headquarters is located in Oak Brook, Illinois, USA.

The McDonald’s Headquarters at McDonald’s Plaza, Oak Brook, Illinois.

Mcdonalds Corporate Office Address.

If you want to send mail to the McDonalds Corporate Office, then correspondence must be addressed to:

McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald’s Dr
Oak Brook, IL 60523

McDonald’s Corporate Office Phone Number:

The main phone number for McDonald’ Headquarters is:


The Customer Service Toll-Free phone number is: 1-800-244-6227

Fax: (630) 623-3994

The line is open 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST

The corporate website is located at

The McDonalds Investors Relations phone numbers are:

1-800-621-7825 (U.S.A., U.S. Territories & Canada)

1-312-360-5129 (International)

1-630-623-3424 (Institutional Investors)

McDonalds Corporate Office Email.

For restaurant feedbank and general inquiries, please use the McDonalds Feedback Form.

The email for McDonalds Board of Directors is: b[email protected].

McDonalds Jobs.

McDonalds Headquarters

If you are looking for a career at McDonald’s corporate office or at an outlet, then visit McDonald’s LinkedIn page or the McDonalds Career Page.

On the Careers page, you can choose either Restaurants Jobs or Corporate Jobs‘.

McDonalds Resources.

About McDonalds

McDonalds News

McDonalds Investors Relations Contact

Please share your McDonald’s experiences, complaints or praise, in the comment section.

Hope that all the details provided on this page about McDVoice Survey Online will be helpful in completing the customer satisfaction survey, and get a chance to win $ 100 cash rewards. You can also earn several discount offers for your next order at any outlet.

Feel free to complete this survey as all the details collected by McDonald Customer Satisfaction survey are taken as feedback. And, are always used for improving their services and provide better service to you in future.